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Haihong Hall

For more formal occasions , you can go to the European palace style Haihong Hall on the first floor. This space availiable for high-end banquet , big parties and weddings, it meets the personalized needs of different guests .

Haiding Hall

Haiding Hall is on the first floor , facing Huangpu River . It divided into VIP lounge and dining area , available for high-end business banquets , cocktail parties and all kinds of meeting . The decoration of Haiding Hall is distinguished .It use modern fashion skillfully conbine with European neoclassicism .The European element is exerted vividly ,which given priority to gold tone on the use of color. Colorful decoration go with the elegant furnishings make guests enjoy the luxury.

Champselysees Palace

On the first floor, the Western restaurant-“Champselysees Palace” is the perfect place for daily breakfast, lunches, dinners and meetings by the river. The restaurant faces river with broaden outside view. Every morning the guest who stay in our hotel can enjoy traditional buffet in it and meanwhile they can enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view.

Haijing Hall

When you go into the Haijing Hall on the first floor, the seagulls fly up and down outside the windows will come into view , waters and skies merge in one colour.Inside windows, the warm ,luxury , elegant and skillful design makes limited space fully extended .The advantage of viewing position and elegant dining environment form the distinctive feature of Haijing Hall. The guests come to the dinner can not only enjoy the taste, but experience a visual feast .

The banquet hall on the twelfth floor

The banquet hall on the twelfth floor will left a deep impression on you when you have a high-end dining demand. The banquet hall contains three halls , each hall has a landscape balcony ,you can have a good view of Huangpu River . Guests will feel more honorable in process of entertain large groups or eat with family and friends in this palatial hall.The banquet hall on the twelfth floor has deluxe”seagull hall”,”Majesty Palace-Ming dynasty style hall”and”Chinese traditional bamboo hall”,and specially invite Shanghai famous chief-cook to be in charge of cooking delicious Chinese cuisine.

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